The Baiga Tribe

Deep within the core of the jungle's essence, a resilient tribe endures, flourishing amidst the bountiful gifts of nature. Their existence is a testament to a life intertwined with the simplicity of the earth and the opulence it graciously bestows upon them.


A sacred pact binds the tribe to the land they tread. Refraining from the act of plowing, they believe it sacrilege to scar the breast of their Mother Earth. In reverence, they avoid requesting sustenance repeatedly from the same patch of soil, mindful of preserving her vitality and preventing any weakening over time.

Worn with pride.

In the tapestry of Baiga tribal life, tattoos weave a narrative of profound significance. These markings commence at the tender age of 8, etching each significant life milestone thereafter. A profound belief resonates among them—the inked artistry serves as a steadfast companion, escorting them through the realms of the afterlife.

Nature's offerings

Amidst the intricate web of the modern world's demands, survival hinges on the currency of money. Yet, the Baiga tribe navigates this contemporary landscape with a unique skill—the ancient art of foraging. They diligently collect nature's offerings, weaving a delicate balance between tradition and necessity. In the bustling exchange, their sought-after treasures find their way into the hands of local vendors, with mahua emerging as a prized commodity in this dance of commerce.

The Natural Gem

Mahua emerges as a versatile gem. Revered not only for its medicinal properties but also cherished as a natural sweetener and a key ingredient in crafting spirits, it weaves itself into various facets of daily life.

The Baiga liquor

Mahua alchemy begins with petals swirling in a dance of jaggery and water, Jamun joins the mix, enhancing the fusion of sugar and alcohol. Eight days of fermentation, a dance with fire, and a sealed trio create the elixir. Distilled through a unique symphony, it varies in clarity, potency, and flavour—reflecting the hands that craft it.